Horsham District Council

Check your eligibility for a Disabled Facilities Grant

Hello and welcome to the Horsham District Council Online Calculator for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs).

The calculator is a simple online form and will tell you how much, if anything, you would need to contribute to the cost of adaptations to your home, based on your circumstances.

Filling in the form is easy and you can take your time.  Please be as accurate as you can.  The calculator will not close down however long you take, so you can stop to find a document if you need to.

You will be asked to confirm:

  • Details about yourself and your work
  • Who else lives with you
  • Benefits you claim and any other income
  • Details of your incapacity

If you're not sure what a question means, click the green Tell Me More icon to the right of the question.

You can skip a question and return to it later. You will need to answer all the questions to get a calculation.

We don't ask anything about your name, address or anything else that could identify you. The answers are confidential, they're for your personal use and they're not shared with anyone.

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