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Welcome from Horsham DC

Hello and welcome to the Horsham District Council On-line Calculator for Disabled Facilities Grants (DFGs).  This will tell you how much, if anything, you would need to contribute to the cost of adaptations to your home, based your financial and other circumstances.  There are additional ways in which we can help you further financially, and we’ll tell you about those later, but this initial step is important for all of them.

Using the App is easy, so relax and take your time.  The calculator will not close down however long you take.  It’s well worth being as accurate as you can.  So if you need to go and find, say, a bank statement, go ahead: the system will wait for you.   And if you’re not sure what a question means, or you simply want to know more, just click Tell Me More.

You’re welcome to skip a question and come back to it later. The system will remind you that you haven’t answered all the questions when you get to the end of the questionnaire.

We don’t ask anything about your name, address or anything else that could identify you.  The answers are confidential, they’re for your personal use and they’re not shared with anyone. 

As you’ll see, it’s easy to send us a copy of the results just by clicking a button.  Sharing the document gives us an opportunity to give you further advice and, with your agreement, get the grants and the adaptations moving.  It will only be saved and visible to us if you send us a copy.

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